Web Page Woes

I have been neglecting the Davis Design web page as well as my blog lately. When I started this conversation on the internet I promised to try to update and post on the blog at least once a week. To anyone who cares, I'm sorry I haven't been very attentive lately.

I really enjoyed Converge South. I talked to lots of people there, as well as listening to the presenters. I was especially interested in ways to get a blog or web page noticed. I try to maintain a simple web page for Davis Design Art Supplies. I know that there are lots of art supply stores on the internet. We get some hits and a few sales; but I am looking for ways to get the sight noticed without spending a whole lot more than we will make. So far, not much luck.

When I look at other similar pages I find that our prices on most items are competitive, but we are way down the list if I call up specific items. Most of our sales come from referrals from manufacturers' sites. I don't think that making a "cuter" site will help. Ours is very basic. I am trying to make some improvement on it and add more products. We have a huge supply of art materials in the store; but most are not listed on the site. Some of the products are pictured and others are not. I just added some really good prices for Graham Oil Paints. Maybe that will help when referrals come from the manufacturer; but, when we are so far down the list, it probably won't help on simple look ups. Oh, well. life is hard for small business.

Gotta go now and finish the list. I'd hate for someone to go to the site and think that we only had a few colors.

I'll get back to regular blogging soon. I have a hard time keeping my thoughts about local government to myself. See ya on the radio or at the blog.