Suggestions for Next Time

When Greensboro gets through the current budget problems, there are certainly things that can be done to avoid more problems in the future.
The Greensboro City Council must approve all bond issues placed on the ballot for voters to approve or not approve.
Previous councils are primarily responsible for the budget problems facing Greensboro today.

I know it is early to start talking about this, but I have been saying it for many years. Here I go again.

Please remind the current council members to review these suggestions before adding more spending for Greensboro taxpayers in the future.

Some questions to ask before putting bond issues on the ballot and before voting for or against them. ! ! !

 Is tax money currently being spent wisely?
 How will the proposed bond money be spent?

 What are the restrictions on spending certain bond money?
 What is the actual texts of the proposed bond issue?
 Will the bond issue money be supplemented by general revenues?
 Will some of the projects be worked into the general budget, even if not funded by bonds?
 What is the proposed timetable for selling the bonds?

 How long will it take to pay-off the bonds?
 Who is providing space for public forums to promote the bonds?
 Who is speaking at public forums and how are they chosen?

 Why are bond issues promoted on city-county operated television?

I am not encouraging anyone to vote only on pocketbook issues, but a thinking public cannot continue to reward bad spending decisions by increasing the allowance of government. Think about it.