National Organization For Women = SHAME ON YOU

I heard on NPR that NOW is endorsing Obama. What a shame! I am disappointed in NOW.

Change will never happen in this country until we have a feminine perspective in
plain sight.

I don't think Palin is that bad. She is not my first choice, but she is real
and I heard on a tv news cast that she has an 80 percent approval rating in her home state.

I wish we had a better choice for President. Neither of the Party candidates are
good. What a shame! We must vote for the candidate that we think will do the least harm. Although, probably it doesn't really matter who is elected. Neither has a good health-care plan or a clue about what to do to help the average US Citizen.

Although the election process and the Electoral College are problems, the major problem
is not in the election voting. The problem is in the nominating process.

Women don't have to think or act like men and we shouldn't. Look what a
mess the world is in. It has been controlled mostly by men or by women who think, or at least act, a lot like men. What a shame!

Many people think that women have to be militant and masculine to stand up for women's rights. I think that women should
continue to look and act feminine.

My take on Pelosi is that she wants too much to be President, herself. She has gone
a little over the edge. She wants to be more than the first women Speaker of the

The Democratic Party did a terrible thing in the rules committee. What a shame!

Also, my take on the VP choice is that it should be a part of the nominating process.
If something happens to the President, the new President will not have been chosen
by the electorate. What a shame!

I have never been in favor of term limits; however, the elections process is so
skewed that I am leaning toward thinking term limits are the only way to clean up
a corrupt system in the Senate. The incumbents have such an advantage that it is
hard to remove them. I always thought that if the people who represent us were doing
a bad job, we could simply vote them out. It is not that easy.
What a shame!

Hillary Clinton in two places at the same time???

Apparently I was not at the same town meeting with Hillary as J. Brian Ewing who wrote an article in the
News-Record. Either that, or one of us can't count. I saw more than several hundred people waiting to see Sen. Clinton.

I arrived at Forsyth Technical Community College West Campus, 1300 Bolton Street, Winston-Salem, NC a little before 3:30, Thurs. March 27, 2008.

I joined a line of folks waiting to get into the gym. We waited several hours, as the line got longer. The line was not single file.

The doors opened and people started entering the front entrance. After over a thousand people crowded into the gym, the doors closed about 10 feet and about 30 people ahead of me. There were probably more people left outside than were let into the building. We were told that the fire marshall wouldn't let any more people into the building because the rated capacity was 1,000. Since I had reserved a spot, I was quite disappointed.

The event should have been held at a location that would accommodate a much larger crowd.

While waiting with many other people outside the building, a friend with whom I had traveled over from Greensboro got a telephone call. Apparently we had been waiting at the wrong door. We had been told to go through security and then show our IDs. We went to another door where we were met by a Secret Service man and after being scanned by a hand-held wand, allowed into the gym. At least 1,000 people, who had waited quite a while, were disappointed that they were not allowed into the gym.

The rally began shortly and the crowd was enthusiastic. After the event, there were still people waiting outside chanting Hillary, Hillary! Hillary! and hoping for a glimpse of their candidate.

The report of the SMALL CROWD at the YMCA in Downtown Greensboro for former President Bill Clinton makes me wonder if that is another mistake. Any daily newspaper should send a reporter to cover events who can count.