We can do it!

I believe that we can have growth without sprawl. I believe that we can have economic development without bribes. I believe that traffic can flow smoothly with better planning. I believe that we can have nice places to live, work, shop and play without destroying the trees and other vegetation that improve our air and water quality.

I believe that we can have safe, friendly neighborhoods with adequate police and fire protection and other necessary services WITHOUT overburdening ourselves with taxes.

Let Greensboro be Greensboro

I like waking up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping in the yard. I enjoy watching the squirrels scamper up the big oaks near my house and seeing the lightening bugs sparkle in the early evening.

I like the sounds of children playing. I like the friendly smiles and nods of people in my town when I walk on the sidewalks in the neighborhoods and when I walk downtown. I like the way local people wave a quick thank you when another yields the right-of-way.

Greensboro is a nice place to live and I want to keep it that way.

We can grow and we can change, and if we do it right, we can keep the things that matter.

Add My Name

Add my name to the list of citizens complaining about the Friendly Avenue Widening project.

I do not live near the Friendly Avenue improvement area but moving the utility poles and adding a median and turn lanes seems like a waste of taxpayers money to me.

Of course, I am always in favor of more sidewalks.

Putting utility lines underground as we widened the street would have been a better use of the money. I suggested this to some City Council members several years ago. The answer to my inquiry was that it is too expensive.

The utility poles are dangerously close to the street and this area is famous for losing power during snow, rain and windy weather. The beautiful trees that line the streets are trimmed without mercy but power is still out many times in the area.

I have heard many complaints about the trees being butchered in the area of these lines. The maintenance costs would be much lower for the power company if the lines were underground and, as a plus, we could keep more of our beautiful tree shaded streets.

There are many other ways to improve our streets. This is a safety factor as well as an aesthetic one.

Putting medians on busy streets seems to be a trend these days. And as with many so-called improvements to our streets in the past, this too will pass. And I hope it is sooner than later. I have read that some other cities have already decided to remove some medians because they make many streets more dangerous.

What do you think?

ugly, illegal signs

I was pleasantly surprised tonight at the Greensboro City Council meeting. Several members of the council brought up one of my pet peeves. The ugly commercial signs that adorn utility poles and invade right of way spaces all around the city. I have complained about these for several years.

After some discussion about who is responsible for removing the signs and citing the offenders, the Council asked City Attorney Linda Miles to look into the possibility of doing more than just having the illegally posted signs removed by city workers.

I hope the city staff follows up on this and does more to stop the practice. Every one of the signs has contact information on it, but apparently when city staff called the numbers listed, the folks who answered the phone would not identify themselves. I would think that it would not be hard to find out who pays the bill for a listed number. Who would put contact information on a sign and then not identify themselves when called? Sounds like a shady deal to me.

The other thing that made me happy was that a paper towel dispenser has been installed in the ladies room on the second floor (city council chamber floor). Now I have a choice of using the hot air drying machine or drying my hands with a real towel. Up until this time, I have carried a hanky or paper towel with me to City Council meetings.

Greensboro Zoning Concerns

A request for rezoning in the Bellemeade/Smith street area will be heard today, July 11, 2005, at 2pm. This item has been postponed several times. I have been unable to find a posted agenda for today's Zoning Commission, but I assume that this item will be on the agenda again.

"An ordinance rezoning from General Business to Central Business - for the property bounded by Battleground Avenue, North Eugene Street, West Smith Street and North Edgeworth Street - for Bellemeade Development, LLC." - (Continued from April 11, 2005 Meeting and June 11, 2005 Meeting)

I believe that the main reason this zoning is being requested is that in Central Business Zoning districts there is no requirement for providing parking.

When I have brought up this question, I have been told that nobody would even consider putting in housing, shopping, and hotels without adequate parking. If this is true, why the zoning request?

One reason the request has been postponed is for a traffic impact study to be made, and we all know that a traffic impact study means whatever the city staff wants it to mean.

The worry about taxpayer-provided parking for downtown could be a concern for those of us who think that enough tax money has been thrown away on "downtown improvements" . Taxpayers could be asked to provide parking for the new development that is requested to be in Central Business Zoning.

Zoning Question

I have concerns about zoning in the
Battleground/Bellmeade/Cedar Street area. The new
zoning regulations will probably be at least a year
away and the rush to rezone that area seems a bit

Here are some e-mails with city staff. What do you


> -----Original Message-----
From: diane davis
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 12:43 PM
To: Galanti, Heidi
Subject: Zoning Question
> Hey Ms. Galanti,
> I have some questions about the zoning commission
> today.
> What is the advantage to the developers of the old
> Chevrolet Dealership property in changing the zoning
> from general business to central business.
> Is it mainly so they can get around parking
> requirements.
> And, is there a mixed use zoning designation in place
> now in the city?
> RE: Zoning Question
> Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 15:09:13 -0400
> From: "Woody, Ben"
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> To: dianedavisgreensboro@yahoo.com
> CC: "Galanti, Heidi"
> , "Ruska, Bill"
> Diane,
> Thanks for your inquiry regarding the rezoning
> requests at the former North State Chevrolet and
> Arlington Street sites.
> There are indeed several advantages to the CB zoning
> district as opposed to the GB or GO-M districts.
> Specifically, the CB district has minimal building
> setbacks and does not require parking or landscaping
> These lessened development standards afforded by the
> CB district allow for more flexibility in designing a
> site. It also promotes high intensity, compact urban
> development that accommodates a wide range of land
> uses in a pedestrian-oriented setting (optimal for
> downtown).
> In the GB zoning district, for example, residential
> uses are only permitted under restrictive Mixed
> Development standards; however, the CB district
> permits a flexible and truly integrated mix of
> residential and nonresidential uses.
> Hope this helps. Feel free to send additional
> questions if you have any.
> Ben E. Woody
> Planning Specialist
> 300 West Washington Street
> Greensboro, NC 27401
> Ph: (336) 433.7258
> Fax: (336) 412.6315
> ben.woody@greensboro-nc.gov
> ----------------
> From: "Hails, Dick"
> Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 19:55:20 -0400
> Diane:
> CB zoning generally has no setbacks and no off-street
> parking requirements. It also is more permissive and
> allows more uses than many districts.
> Dick
> Richard W. Hails, AICP
> Planning Director
> City of Greensboro
> 300 Washington Street
> P.O. Box 3136
> Greensboro, NC 27402-3136
> W: 336-373-2922
> F: 336-412-6315
> E: dick.hails@greensboro-nc.gov

clean drinking water

The Clean Drinking Water Lakes Bill passed in the NC House of Representatives!

Thanks in part to over 2,000 emails S.981. The Drinking Water Reservoir Protection Act and S.1134, Global Warming/Climate Change passed out of the NC House of Representatives this week.

The NC House has approved, by a vote of 113-2, the Drinking Water Reservoir Protection Act..

This law, when signed by Governor Easley, will help to protect North Carolina's 160 drinking water lakes. The bill has been sent to the governor for approval.

illegally posted signs

In a letter to the N&R today, D. M. Mitchell referred to signs tacked to utility poles.

I have long been concerned with these illegally posted signs. These are not hand-lettered signs advertising yard sales or community events. They are commercially printed signs on weather-proof boards. Without exception, these signs have contact information on them.

Why are the posters of these signs not contacted and prosecuted? I have mentioned these signs to various city officials and citizens. I am glad to see that I am not the only person offended by this practice.

On Westover Terrace between Benjamin Parkway and Cornwallis Drive I counted 11 of these illegally posted signs one day several weeks ago.

There has been so much attention paid to limiting and banning legal, attractive billboards on private property near our roads. I can't understand why there has not been a loud outcry about these illegally posted signs within the right-of-way of our city streets.

What do you think?

Greensboro 101 Fireworks

Love the July decorations on the Greensboro 101 site.

Do We Need Action Greensboro?

Action Greensboro was neither elected nor appointed by our elected officials.

Look Forward, but Remember the Past

Unfortunately, I am not registered to read the archives of the local newspaper. If you are, I encourage you to read an article that appeared in the Greensboro News & Record several years ago. The article was about Action Greensboro. I have also included the beginning of a letter to the editor that was published several days later. I believe that these articles are as timely today as when published in 2001. Action Greensboro intended to take over the administration of Greensboro.

We, the people, should not have to use an unelected go-between agency that filters out ideas that don't conform to their preconceived ideas about what is good for Greensboro.


October 28, 2001: Page A1 News & Record


Byline: PARKER LEE NASH Staff Writer

Greensboro is being run by incompetent people who are failing miserably to lead the city forward. The city is dying. You can save it.

This was the candid charge that Bill Hemphill, the retired head of the insurance company United Guaranty Corp., delivered to board members of the Cone family's Cemala Foundation two years ago.

That's how the directors of Greensboro's top charitable foundations became the city's most touted new economic development leaders. And according...

November 1, 2001   Page A14


Regarding the front-page headline in the Oct. 28 paper, ``Group shapes city's future'':

The first sentence of this article is ``Greensboro is being run by incompetent people who are failing miserably to lead the city forward.''

The News & Record endorsed these same incompetent people in the city primaries and will endorse them again in the upcoming city election.

Your lack of adequate coverage of the primary candidates for City Council failed to give the...