Thank You News 14


The League of Women Voters sponsored a forum for At-Large Candidates for Greensboro City Council. Around 75 citizens attended, including some media types and one media outlet that cared enough to actually tape the entire program.

If you were not able to attend the forum, you can view it on line at
Cable News Channel 14. I am thrilled that Channel 14 cared enough to send a camera crew and reporter. Now anyone with access to an on-line computer can see and hear the candidates answer questions and give their pitch to voters.

We no longer have to read edited versions of what candidates said. We can see and hear them at our convenience - and over and over if we care to. Anyone who actually attended the forum had an opportunity to write a question to be asked of the candidates.

Thank you News 14.

Cable News Channel 14.

At-Large Candidates Forum Monday

The League of Women Voters will host a forum for Greensboro City Council At-Large Candidates.

At-Large Candidate Forum
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Greensboro College Family Center,
1115 West Market St.
(Old YMCA Building at Tate and Market streets)

Program Schedule
7:00 - Welcome to Greensboro College.
7:05 - 7:15 Self-introductions by candidates (90 seconds each)

7:15 - 7:55 questions for Group 1 (1 minute response time for each candidate)
7:55 - 8:00 switch groups

8:00 -8:10 Self-introductions by candidates (90 seconds each)
8:10 - 8:55 questions for Group 2 (1 minutes response time for each candidate)
8:55 - 9:00 Closing Remarks by Moderator

7:05 - 7:55 Group 1
Abuzuaiter, Marikay
Anderson-Groat, Sandra
Knight, Bill
Rahenkamp, Joseph
Riechmann, Donna
Woodard, Greg

8:00 - 8:55 Group 2
Gray, Sidney
Green, Kevin
Landau, Joel
Perkins, Robbie
Rakestraw, Mary
Venable, Joe
Wallace, Janet

Mayoral Forum 2007

Hey Doug,
I was a bit disappointed in some of the answers during the LWVPT Mayoral Forum Tuesday.

Yvonne Johnson said that one of the reason we need economic incentives is to prepare sites for immediate occupancy by industries.
Greensboro has had several opportunities to use abandoned industrial sites within the city limits for new companies. They chose to rezone them for retail. One of the selling points made by the people who pushed the economic bond issue was that retail did not bring in the real estate taxes as well as industry.

Milton Kern talked about all the help given women business owners in the downtown central business district. I would like to know who those women are. Many of the small daytime businesses opened downtown in the past several years are gone. The primary push in the downtown has been for bars and restaurants that operate primarily at night and for residential units, some of which were build by a former City Council member and by Mr. Kern, himself.

Yvonne Johnson's answer to the question about a noise ordinance was questionable. She is in favor of having a citizen committee to investigate complains about excessive noise and report it. Citizens in District 5 have complained about noise and rowdy behavior at some venues along High Point Road for years, to no avail. People in District 1 and 2 have complained about the same places over and over; one on Lee Street and some on Phillips Ave. and others in Glenwood. What has been done? Who would Ms. Johnson assign to this committee. Would the committee include people in the neighborhood watches and neighborhood associations who are aware of the problems? And do we have the manpower to enforce the law?

And there are others. I just hit the high spots.

Watch Video at Channel 14

I would like to see some practical questions asked AND ANSWERED ! ! !

Taxation Without Representation

The United States Senate failed to invoke cloture on the DC Voting Rights Act this week. Further action was blocked for now.

The final tally was 57-42. That’s a clear majority of the Senate but THREE VOTES SHORT OF THE SIXTY VOTES NEEDED on this procedural motion.

Both North Carolina Senators voted NO.

Citizens of the District of Columbia pay U.S. taxes, fight and die for the U.S. during wartime, and are governed by the laws that Congress passes; however, they have no voting representative in Congress.

Greensboro Mayoral Candidates Forum

The Public is Invited
The League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad
Lunch with the League 2006-2007
September 18, 2007

Greensboro Mayoral Candidates Forum

Yvonne Johnson and Milton Kern

Lunch at Noon - Program Starts: 12:15
Place: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Haywood Duke meeting room
607 N. Greene St., Greensboro 27401
PROGRAM IS FREE The meal is optional. Lunch: $8.00 per person.
Lunch Reservations: for more information
The League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad

What Should City Council Do ???

I have been reading everything I can about City Council Candidates and talking to them whenever I get a chance. I talked with Donna Riechmann (sounds like REEKman) Wednesday (9/12) on 1070am Radio. I will talk with Janet Wallace on the air next Wednesday (9/12) and Tonya Clinkscale on Wednesday (9/26). I like to hear from challengers in local elections. We already know what the incumbents are doing. I like to talk face to face. I think that it is harder to dodge a question in person. Most of us had rather write a short report than give an oral presentation and answer direct questions. The candidates, especially new ones, probably feel the same way.

I will attend a mayoral forum Tuesday. I hope it will be more interesting and informative than the one I saw at the Demo Headquarters last week.

There is a discussion going on over at Joe Guarino's blog about the most important job of City Council. My comments about that follow.

About your question and a little bit more:

1. What do you regard as the single most important function or purpose of local government?

I think that Government should provide essential services and amenities that are not easily done individually. It is the job of City Council to decide what level of local services will be provided with taxpayer's money.

It is the job of citizens to decide who makes these decisions. So, be careful how you cast your vote. These people will be making decisions for you.

Thanks News and Record

The N&R finally gets it ! ! !

The new 2007 Election Blog is publishing questions and answers from local candidates.

I Hope this information will be published in the print editions, also.

I was not thrilled with some of the questions (and some of the answers), but I appreciate the fact that the candidates' answers, in their own words, are finally being published. This is a much better way to inform voters than the old way of publishing filtered information.

Editorial Opinions are fine, but should not be included in news articles about candidates, either intentionally or unintentionally.

See posts from October, 2005 and here

Fire in the Dump

Just one more reason that landfills are a bad way to dispose of unwanted stuff.

An abandoned dump fire could burn for days, spewing unhealthy smoke into our already iffy air in the Triad.

We should all be glad that this landfill permit was not renewed by Guilford County Commissioners. The landfill has been closed since May.

See picture in the News & Record