Money, Power, Control

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There are a few major ways to control people - Fear, Brutality, Religion and by Controlling Resources. In more civilized societies, the controlling force is the Power of Money.

I have been saying for years that one of the major problems in the US AND PROBABLY IN THE WORLD is that fewer and fewer people are controlling more and more of the wealth (money).

These big banks that we are told are too big to fail are really too big to succeed.

I was beginning to think that I was the only person in the world who thinks this is true. Then I read a comment in News-Record columnist Doug Clark's blog, Off the Record.
In the comment section, Steve Harrison suggested that the government should be breaking up the merged mega banks instead of forcing them together.

I agree.

Banks that loan money and insurance companies that insure those loans and advisors who determine the collateral value and evaluate risks associated with the loans should not be owned (controlled) by the same mega company. And, one bank operating under several names is still one company.

Competition is the hallmark of capitalism; but when capitalism gets in the way of doing the right thing and private enterprise, with the help of government, becomes government, something is wrong.

Mountain Top Update

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This is from Representative Pricey Harrison today:

Mountain Top Removal

"House Bill 340*, the bill I introduced to prohibit the use of mountain top removed coal in North Carolina power plants, was heard in the House Environment committee this week. NC is the second largest US consumer of mountain top removed coal, a barbaric practice that has lead to the destruction of more than 500 of the oldest mountains on the planet, burned and poisoned more than 1200 miles of streams, contaminated drinking water wells and caused other health problems for neighbors of the mines, and laid waste to dozens of Appalachian communities. The room was packed with coal and utility lobbyists. It was clear that they had effectively convinced members of the committee that increases in energy costs for consumers would ensue from a conversion from such coal, although the allegations were unsubstantiated. In fact, it may have an impact of about fifty cents ($.50) on a monthly homeowners’ power bill. We did not take a vote on the bill this week. Appalachian Voices, who has been working on this issue at the national and regional level and helping me with bill, and I are contemplating how to proceed."

What Money Cannot Buy

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Will the money our generation saves by burning mountain-top, stripped-mined coal be enough to buy clean air, a healthy, bubbling stream or a beautiful mountain view for our children and grandchildren to enjoy?

We are not being good stewards of the natural resources that we are blessed to enjoy in America. The future depends on what we do now. Let's save the good earth.

Please contact some North Carolina legislators and ask them to protect the beauty of the states that are being polluted by this horrible, destruction of their beautiful mountains. Ask them not to fall for the line they are being handed by Progress Energy, Duke Power and other big energy companies.

There are places where this type of mining might possibly be acceptable for the short-term, but the mountains of the Eastern United States should be protected.

Let's compromise. There are abundant supplies of coal without tearing up the mountains in Eastern United States. If clean-burning coal is ever developed, we still have other ways of obtaining it.

CHANGE ? ? ?

Zach Matheny must have changed his mind about his service on the Greensboro City Council. This quote about service on the Council appeared in the News-Record today:

"We've got to listen to and take up for our citizens. . ."

Up until now he has not followed that direction.

District 3 needs a representative who works FOR the people. Mr. Matheny has not been that person.

Maybe real change is in the air. I hope so.