WHAT IS MILK? ? Who Decides?

Why is the price of milk with  3.5 % cream, 2% cream, 1% cream and skimmed milk the same price in the grocery store.

What is whole milk? Who Decides?

The definition of "Whole Milk" seems to be changing. I remember when milk was labeled as whole milk if the cream content was at least 4%.

Evaporated milk had a guarantee that if mixed with an equal amount of water, it was just like whole milk. That label no longer appears on the can.

Why is the price of heavy cream so much more than the price of milk. If it is so valuable, then milk should be worth more or less depending on the amount of cream that is removed. This seems to be a rip-off of the consumer.

I noticed that milk I have purchased lately does not have a label that says whole milk. So, has the definition changed or is there no official definition.

Is there a federal department that grades milk by butter or cream content? If so, which agency is it? ?