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Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011
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Who for President ?? A few rambling thoughts

Roseanne Barr for President?
How much worse could she be than what we have had for the past ten years? 

What we need is a fair nominating system. Today, anyone with access to media exposure can announce a run for any office. Then the media picks a winner by influencing the American voters with lots of emphasis on trivial issues and entertaining comments and interviews. When will the voters stand up to this way of "choosing" our government officials.

A few people who show up for a meeting in a small state start the ball rolling. Very few of the people who file in any primary get publicity. And, by the time the nominating process reaches all of the states, most candidates have been eliminated, either by lack of money (much caused by poor reporting and media opinions masked as news reports) or some other reason that has nothing to do with character or the ability to be a good lawmaker. 

The people are not represented by their so-called "elected officials" because in the final analysis, the voters' have little choice. In fact, the choices at the ballot box are very poor as a result of the unfair primary system run by an outdated two-party system. 

From now on - when I try to describe someone that I think is not very smart, I will describe them as "stupid enough to be a US Senator. or The President of the US."

Senators can hire pr people to get them elected and then pass laws to keep themselves in power. Maybe they are smarter than I think and we, the American voters, are the stupid ones.

What do you think?