Benches and Stupidity

Hey Zach,

Interesting that the same group of numbskulls who want benches along the so-called greenway (actually a cement path) are the same folks who wanted the benches removed from the Downtowners' Park on South Elm Street to avoid panhandlers and homeless folks from hanging out there. And the same group who opposes putting public restrooms in the parking garages because someone might use them for illicit purposes.

Now they want to remove the little greenway through the parking lot on South Elm and McGee streets downtown because nobody uses it. People used to use it to eat bag lunches and watch passers-by and enjoy the breeze and the flowers. Neighbors often sat on the benches and had friendly conversations and/or heated discussions.

There are lots of rules about downtown. One should be that there is no panhandling, (begging) in the Central Business District. There are enough police officers downtown to enforce the rule. Downtown has many rules that are different from other areas of the city. This is one that is needed.

Who is to blame ??

At first I was embarrassed and a bit put-out at myself when I frequently got on the wrong highway returning to my home in downtown Greensboro on I-85 from Charlotte. Then I heard others talking about how hard it is to understand the directional signs. (They have changed several times.)
When coming in from the south of Greensboro on Hwy 220 or as it is now called "the future I-73-74", the confusion is also there because of the frequent signs directing one to I-40 or I-85 and not showing the easiest and fastest route into downtown.
When friends come into Greensboro from Raleigh or Charlotte or even closer, I cannot easily direct them how to get to my house or to their meeting place. After a meeting at a local hotel, I was asked how to get back to such and such highway out of town. I had trouble explaining the route. This is not normal for me. I frequently travel by car and even before GPS devices I rarely got lost in the Greensboro area or on the road or in other cities. I can read and I usually followed the signs to get to my destination or consulted a map.
This latest fiasco in Greensboro which started several years ago is not only an embarrassment to me, but to the whole city and the NC Department of Transportation.
We are the laughing stock of the area. See the latest example of what is being said in the
Raleigh News and Observer.