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Semi-Annual Used Book Sale
Saturday, November 7 from 9 am – 3:30 pm

For anyone looking for books at a bargain, the Friends of the Greensboro Public Library will hold their semi-annual used book sale on Saturday, November 7 from 9 am until 3:30 pm.

The sale is held at Central Library in downtown Greensboro, 219 North Church Street.

Readers can find fiction, history, children’s books, self-help, business titles and many other subject areas. Also available will be books-on-tape and on CD as well as music CDs and DVDs.

Various prices and bulk offers will be considered. There will also be an assortment of rare and collectible books for sale.

Most hardbacks are priced at $2 and most paperbacks are 50 cents. “For anyone who enjoys reading, this is an excellent way to find great books at bargain prices,” says Librarian Beth Sheffield.

All items for sale are community donations. Proceeds from the sale go to the Friends of the Greensboro Public Library, a diverse nonprofit organization whose purpose is to support the community’s cultural and literary needs. For more information about the Friends of the Greensboro Public Library, check out their website at or call 373-3777 today.

NO Healthcare Plan ! ! !

There is no real Healthcare plan without UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE COVERAGE FOR EVERY CITIZEN.

There is NO GOOD REASON not to provide healthcare for everyone in the United States. The function of government is to provide citizens with what is not easily done independently by each citizen.

It should be obvious to the people who make policy for the United States that healthcare is one of the services that qualifies for government help.

We share costs of defense against invaders to our country. We share costs of emergency healthcare for people who don't have private health insurance. We share costs of water quality regulations. We share costs of regulating food and safe drugs to fight disease. We share the cost of food inspection and regulations. We share the costs of roads and transportation. We share the costs of trash disposal. I could go on and on. We share the costs of many services that we can't provide for ourselves.

We should share the cost of providing healthcare for every one of us.

The USA waste money every day on stuff that is either not necessary or that we can easily do for ourselves.
Government provided healthcare is the right thing to do.




The people who rule what happens in Downtown Greensboro have removed the little greenway through the parking lot on South Elm and McGee streets downtown because they claim that nobody used it. People used to use it to eat bag lunches and watch passers-by and enjoy the breeze and the flowers. Neighbors often sat on the benches and had friendly conversations and/or heated discussions.

Of course, not as many people used it after the benches were removed to prevent so-called "homeless people and panhandlers" from sitting on them. Are these people any less because they do not own real estate? Why should it matter who sits on the benches? Most of these people were harmless, non-violent folks. I will admit that they were sometimes annoying but so are the many drunk customers of the bars that frequent downtown after dark. So, should we ban everyone from downtown who is annoying ? I know some people who fit into that group. Maybe some folks would want me banned.

Where does it stop?
What are these planners plotting? What are they thinking? Maybe to make downtown less attractive so people will frequent the alternatives to downtown such as the strip malls and mega shopping centers owned and operated by people who have no financial or nostalgic interest in our traditional downtown.