The Big Bang!

It is a few seconds past 10 am Monday, May 23, 2005. I just heard a horribly loud noise and felt my house shake a bit.
Now there are only the usual street sounds, a conversation on the sidewalk outside my house, the sounds of wind as it passes through the shrubs and trees, and the hum and bump of the city garbage truck as it stops and goes - empting the big cans of household trash and recycling in the neighborhood. Back to the usual Monday morning.
But, all is not the same. Gone is one of Greensboro's most interesting buildings. The trees and landscape surrounding the Burlington Building on West Friendly Avenue have been gone for months. All that was left was the skeleton of a once grand building. Now that is just a heap of rubble.
I am sad.

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Joy said...

I'm glad you changed the setup so I can use it:) I enjoyed reading your extremely insightful opinions and look forward to more!