Another Dangerous Old Dump

Even though there are many restrictions and regulations about landfills, the long-term effects of current landfills is unknown. Please ask the NC Senate and House to pass the moratorium on landfills in NC until more studies can be done.

The Raleigh News & Observer reports that "N.C. State University is spending millions of dollars to clean up a site near the RBC Center and Carter-Finley Stadium where it dumped hazardous waste for 11 years.

Chemical contamination leaking from the old landfill has spread into groundwater and bedrock beneath Wade Avenue. The cleanup will take decades."

The chemical contamination is leaking from a landfill used by NC State's Science and Agricultural Research labs to dispose of waste.The site was used before there were US regulations restricting chemical waste.

The R&O report says that the contamination is spreading slowly toward Richland Creek, a tributary of the Neuse River. The site, which has been on the Superfund list of the nation's most polluted sites since 1986, poses no immediate risk to area residents who don't get drinking water from underground wells.

R&O also reports: ..."Michael Townsend, project manager for the EPA, said the site had been studied for more than 20 years, and the pump and treat method outlined 10 years ago had been delayed for years at the request of the university.
No new waste is being disposed of on the site. Nowadays, the university ships its hazardous and chemical waste -- about 100 tons a year -- to landfills and companies that recycle some of the chemicals, Townsend said."

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