Thank You NC Legislature ! ! !

Mark Binker over at the N&R reports that a moratorium on landfills in NC has passed the NC House. The time has been reduced from an 18 month moratorium passed by the Senate to a 12 month moratorium. The proposal will have to go back to the Senate for approval and then to the Governor for final approval.

There is also a good article in the Raleigh N&O with a little more details about the moratorium and the reasons it should be passed.

I haven't read the new version, but any legislation on this order has to be a good thing. I hope it hasn't been diluted a lot and that money has been set aside for a study of the impact of more garbage dumps, especially the huge ones being considered.

While the short moratorium is in place, our state and local communities should seriously consider better ways to handle by-products of our throw-away society. There are many Trash-to-Energy processes that should be studied.

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