A vacant building on Elm Street is ablaze! My, My, what a surprise. The restaurant that has operated from the location has very recently moved out to another location downtown. (See new comment below. I shouldn't have posted this until I had more information.

Renovating an old building is very expensive, even with historic funds, low-interest loans, etc.

My questions is always the same. How did the fire start? Maybe is should be, who is responsible for the fire? And the other questions is, will the arsonist be found?

Most of these renovation lightning fires are declared to be arson by police and fire departments. Some, like one that happened in a vacant building with no electricity was said to be an accidental electrical fire.

One apartment complex had several fires several years ago before enough damage was done.

I could be wrong this time. But I doubt it.

More at 11.

Added later

Oops. I might have been wrong on this one. This one might have really been an accident.

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