They Keep on Hanging

Gail Feddish states in a letter to the editor of the News & Record that Illegally posted signs should be taken down.

Ms. Feddish is not the first to complain about these signs. Ernie Schiller complained in a letter to the editor last week. There have been other letters and blog comments for several years, including one in July, 2005 from D. M. Mitchell.

How many letters, phone calls and complaints will it take to bring these sign posters to justice? They are violating the laws of NC, of Greensboro, and the laws of good taste.

They are littering and should be stopped. Just taking down the signs is not enough. Also people (including political candidates) who put non-removable sticky signs on stop signs and other public property should be stopped.

Ms. Feddish says "So, neighbors and neighborhoods, take charge."

This is not as easy as it seems. Many of these signs are too high to remove without a boost. And many are posted too close to moving traffic to be removed safely by citizens.

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Glosson said...

Great blog! Keep up the good work! This is the kind of issues that need to be adressed and readressed until something is done.