Old Cars and Good Food

I enjoy going to the Greensboro Farmer's Market on Yanceyville Street. I can find good food, see old friends and meet new ones. Today I got a special treat. Across the street in the parking lot at Memorial Stadium there were some vintage cars, trucks and a school bus parked. They were there because of a movie being filmed in the area. I read in the N&R that some of them are locally owned.

I like old cars. I still own what is left of my first new car. It is a 1966 Ford Fairlaine Coup. It was a sharp car when it was new. Maybe I'll have it restored one day, or maybe not. It is currently covered with dust and other junk in my garage. It's just sitting there, taking up space and reminding me of old times.

Lowell and I went to the Farmer's Market earlier than usual today. We arrived too late Wednesday. All the fresh strawberries were gone. There were plenty this morning.

When our children were still at home I would take them vegetable pickin' or fruit pickin'. We had fun and fresh food. I remember how much Suzie, my middle daughter, loved strawberries. I think she ate as many as she put into the basket as we worked our way down the rows of sweet-smelling fruit. When we got to the pay station, I would always offer to pay a little extra for the eaten berries.

I had a wonderful recipe for preserves. I haven't made any in years. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age. I don't pick my own veggies anymore either. I tried to grow some lettuce last year. The bunnies ate it all up.

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