National Organization For Women = SHAME ON YOU

I heard on NPR that NOW is endorsing Obama. What a shame! I am disappointed in NOW.

Change will never happen in this country until we have a feminine perspective in
plain sight.

I don't think Palin is that bad. She is not my first choice, but she is real
and I heard on a tv news cast that she has an 80 percent approval rating in her home state.

I wish we had a better choice for President. Neither of the Party candidates are
good. What a shame! We must vote for the candidate that we think will do the least harm. Although, probably it doesn't really matter who is elected. Neither has a good health-care plan or a clue about what to do to help the average US Citizen.

Although the election process and the Electoral College are problems, the major problem
is not in the election voting. The problem is in the nominating process.

Women don't have to think or act like men and we shouldn't. Look what a
mess the world is in. It has been controlled mostly by men or by women who think, or at least act, a lot like men. What a shame!

Many people think that women have to be militant and masculine to stand up for women's rights. I think that women should
continue to look and act feminine.

My take on Pelosi is that she wants too much to be President, herself. She has gone
a little over the edge. She wants to be more than the first women Speaker of the

The Democratic Party did a terrible thing in the rules committee. What a shame!

Also, my take on the VP choice is that it should be a part of the nominating process.
If something happens to the President, the new President will not have been chosen
by the electorate. What a shame!

I have never been in favor of term limits; however, the elections process is so
skewed that I am leaning toward thinking term limits are the only way to clean up
a corrupt system in the Senate. The incumbents have such an advantage that it is
hard to remove them. I always thought that if the people who represent us were doing
a bad job, we could simply vote them out. It is not that easy.
What a shame!


Preston said...

Did you see this?

Anonymous said...

is this a joke? because it's really not funny.

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure this is the blind feminism that those with a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of gender politics dont really vibe with. One it would seem as if you advocate a "feminine perspective." Its a pretty myopic viewpoint to seemingly assert Palin represents a "real" or more authentic female perspective. I thought the aim of feminism was to maximize the rights and freedoms of women, to make more plural their freedom to chose, how even they construct femininity, and therefore to critique and delegitimize patriarchal assumptions, and power. Pelosi is as much a woman as Palin. The problem with Palin is that her positions represent an ideology that has based itself on the subjugation of women. Her record in regards to forcing sex crime victims to pay for their own rape kits is pretty anti-women. Its not that she rejects postmodern notions of feminism, she has a right to according to feminism, its that she has no problem limiting the freedoms of women, and supports policies that undermine the significance of transgressions against a womans right to her own body. The GOP has shamefully played to the the desire for a female in office, a justified desire I feel as well. But Palin is insulting. Thats a shame

Anonymous said...

So, you think that a woman who does not agree with you is not a real woman?

That type thinking doesn't seem to maximize the rights and freedoms of women.

Who really has a myopic viewpoint?

shapel said...

Thats not a response to my comment right? Because if it is you completely missed the point. Im hoping your comment is in response to the actual post, because then it makes absolute sense. If not, well then, you should read the comment again...

diane said...

I think that the comment by Anonymous IS an answer to your comment and not a response to the original post.
THE ORIGINAL POST did not say that women couldn't disagree. I meant that generally, most women don't think, act or process information in the same way that men think and act.
Now that you understand (maybe) what I wrote, do you think that your criticism is a bit harsh?

Anonymous said...

Shame on you. NOW does not condone sexism.

Last I checked they were for the advancement of women's rights. Who's the best person for the job? Not a polarizing , politically entrenched icon of a past administration.

It's okay if you don't understand politics, public opinion, or party strategy, but you may want to look into it.

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous commenter. -You are obviously not very smart, but quite a smart ass, "know- it-all type."