Thoughts about Greensboro Bus Service

Greensboro Should Strive to Provide Shelter for all Bus Stops

It might be difficult to put a shelter at every bus stop. But every one should have a solid place for one's feet when they get off the bus and a bench on which to wait for a ride.
At some stops riders are forced to step off the bus onto muddy spots or wet grass and then either cross a wide street at mid-block or walk down a busy street or through tall weeds to cross at a congested intersection.
These problems should be addressed first. Safety at stops and the location of convenient stops and dry places to step on when alighting are important to riders.

These were items on my agenda when I ran for Greensboro City Council. I have mentioned them to GTA and City Council Members, GDOT and others for many years.
I have lived in Greensboro since 1971. We have not had adequate bus service in all the time I have lived here. Interest in improving transportation options has been on-and-off with Greensboro Government. I am glad that you will be joining me in working on these problems.

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