NO Healthcare Plan ! ! !

There is no real Healthcare plan without UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE COVERAGE FOR EVERY CITIZEN.

There is NO GOOD REASON not to provide healthcare for everyone in the United States. The function of government is to provide citizens with what is not easily done independently by each citizen.

It should be obvious to the people who make policy for the United States that healthcare is one of the services that qualifies for government help.

We share costs of defense against invaders to our country. We share costs of emergency healthcare for people who don't have private health insurance. We share costs of water quality regulations. We share costs of regulating food and safe drugs to fight disease. We share the cost of food inspection and regulations. We share the costs of roads and transportation. We share the costs of trash disposal. I could go on and on. We share the costs of many services that we can't provide for ourselves.

We should share the cost of providing healthcare for every one of us.

The USA waste money every day on stuff that is either not necessary or that we can easily do for ourselves.
Government provided healthcare is the right thing to do.


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