Happy, Satisfied Citizens

The people of Greensboro have spoken - that is - around 12 percent of the registered voters have spoken. Where are the rest?
They must be happy with business as usual in Greensboro. What a shame.

I thank each one of you who bothered to vote. I ESPECIALLY THANK those of you who had enough confidence in a long-shot candidate to vote for me.

Although I am a little bit down right now, I will keep voluteering for causes that I care about and I will keep working to bring important issues into local discussions. I love a good debate. I have a lot to learn. See ya downtown or around town and, of course, on the web.

Love ya all.


D. Hoggard said...

No... thank YOU, Dianne

Laurie said...

Diane, I hope that you don't give up. Please run again!

Admin said...


You're right; 12% is not enough. Whatever those elected did to get or stay in office, they surely were not swept in on a tidal wave of public approval.

Please don't stop doing what you've been doing, and know that you brought important issues and an important perspective to the table in this campaign. I hope it will positively influence those on the Council and the electorate going forward. Thanks for all your very hard work.