Kitchen Reflections

Our dishwasher hasn't been on it's best behavior for several days. Lowell and I have discussed it, cleaned it, talked to it, taken it apart and inspected everything we could see. We can't seem to find out exactly why the darn thing is leaking water. The leak seems to be coming from below the door on the front of the machine.

Oh well, we will figure it out one of these days or call in an expert. I like having a dishwasher.

When we moved into our house in 1971, it was equipped with an original 1920's style kitchen. I refused to move into the house until there was a new dishwasher in that old kitchen. We got a convertible (portable) dishwasher but the kitchen remains much as it was then. (We did have the whole house re-wired and we took up the linoleum and had the wood floor finished). The original old iron sink is weary and worn, but I love the wide well with a drain board on each side. A double sink would be nice, but I'd have to give up the drain boards and the wonderful ambience of an old fashioned kitchen.

One of the walls still has a vent to a chimney (covered with a flat plug-in) for a wood stove. An old rusty cook-stove is hidden in the back of our garage and another one makes a fine flower pot on the back porch.

Our kitchen is equipped with an old oak Dutch-style cabinet with a enamel finished pull-out shelf and a cutting board. It came from my Great Aunt Nina's house. There are no under-counter cabinets, because there are no build-in counter tops.

I have worn out several electric ranges over the years, including one of the first Liton combination smooth-surface cooktop, conventional oven, microwave combinations that we got in 1975 and several dishwashers (all convertible types) that have never been built in.

But, back to the dishwashing. I don't really mind washing dishes. Now that our five children are grown and have their own houses, cooking and washing up for 2 is not much of a chore.

We will get the dishwasher fixed or replaced; because, for one thing, if I didn't have it I would MISS THE VERY BEST THING ABOUT A DISHWASHER. It is a marvelous place to hide unwashed dishes and cookware.

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Roch101 said...

We don'thave a dishwasher and your right, wasing dishes for two by hand is not that much of a chore. But you're also right that it we don't have a good place to hide the unwashed dishes.