A Few Jail Facts for Beth

• Jails are not fun or funny.

• Reality Shows on TV are NOT REAL.

• You would not like to be locked inside the Guilford County Jail.

• Most Guilford County Commissioners have not visited local jails in the past few years.

• Over 80 percent of inmates in Guilford County Jails are awaiting trial. (This means that they have not been convicted of the crime with which they are currently charged.)

• Conditions in the Guilford County Jail in Greensboro are disgusting. Inmates hardly have room to stand in the "day rooms" provided.

• Overcrowded jails in Guilford County are dangerous to inmates, employees and county commissioners.

• About half those held in Guilford County Jails have been in jail before or have been treated in alternative programs.

• Any fairly-intelligent person cannot believe that the general population can increase without an increase in criminal activity.

• Lack of speedy trials (a right the US Constitution guarantees) is one of the reasons for over-crowded conditions in local jails.

• Anyone accused of a crime, guilty or not, could spend some time in jail, and even an hour there is no picnic.

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beth said...

Thanks Diane, I don't know if you caught the episode, but Morgan did show alot of what your talking about, and it was very "educational" to learn about the "system" even if it was "reality tv".