Who Remembers ? ? ?

Does anyone remember the transportation bonds that were approved in 2000?

Was some of that money used to purchase the Ice House?

I know that some money from that bond issue was to be used to provide parking and office space for the transportation department. Some of it was also supposed to be used for street scape work on Church Street. I believe some of the money (for church st.) is being spent for the mess out on Friendly Ave. which is costing more than estimated.

Were fire station bonds passed in 2000? I know they were on the ballot. If so, has all of that money been spent? I think I heard something about it at a City Council briefing last year.

Another thought about the fire stations. Where will the money come from to train and equip additional people to man these new stations. And the maintenance costs - Will this be from another bond referendum in another non-city-council-election year or from the general fund?

Police and fire protection are essential services that should be provided with tax money. Our police and fire departments and our emergency medical response people are doing a wonderful job and should not be slighted in city budget decisions. The City of Greensboro should not have to borrow money (issue bonds) for essential services.

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Anonymous said...

The Rhino had a good article this week on the bonds Diane. And from my experience and the past shenanigans of the Greensboro City Council John Hammer is probably right on. Bond money is just extra cash for the city council to use as they want instead of for the stated purpose. I personally do not see one bond issue that I can vote for; either because it is simply a bad idea or because the money is there if the council would just use a little sense in where they spend it. They can't afford to train and pay police officers but they want to build fire stations that really aren't needed and staff them we presume. Dear Lord the lengths they won't go to to get money out of voters. Putting pretty names on things like "Fire Stations" and "Libraries" so as to procure funds for privately own parks!. Brenda Bowers