Yipee! I can blog again!

Maybe I'm the only one who missed my blog, but just in case someone else did, I'm back!!!!!!!

I have been having trouble with my computer for some time now. When I retired from my Art Supply Business, I took my old 1997-model I-Mac home and transferred most of my info to my husband's slightly newer I-Mac.

His ran on MAC OS10 point something. My was still on MAC 9. I combined the two so my old programs would work on his machine. Finally, several months ago, it became too much for his little red computer to handle.

My wonderfun daughters cleaned up Dad's old computer after he helped me buy a new I-Book. I love mine and he can use his again since all of my junk is gone.

I am a pack rat by nature and my beautiful, old aqua blue I-Mac is sitting unused on top of my sewing machine cabinet. I will miss seeing it when I pack it away and wait for it to become a valuable antique that my great-great grandchildren can sell for big bucks. (LOL)

I'm ready to blog!


Joe Guarino said...

Glad you are back, Diane.

Suzie said...

Me too!

Brenda Bowers said...

Imissed to! Was afraid you had stopped and we really need you. I am always refering your site to people about your ideas on renewable energy. You have so many great ones you need to get those together on a link of their own Diane. BB

diane said...

When I get competent at managing the blog, I will try to organize my posts into categories.
Thank you for your encouraging words.