Greensboro government could be improved considerably.

My first suggestion would be to pay the mayor at least as much as we pay the director of the coliseum. The colliseum director could be paid a commission based on how much money the facility doesn't lose.

But that's another suggestion. Back to my first suggestion.

Part-time job, Full-time job. What's the difference? The mayor is on-call all the time.

If the mayor were paid a decent salary, Greensboro would not have to depend on the generosity of big business to support our mayor and this would also be an incentive for seeking the office. Our choice of candidates would improve drastically and people with good ideas and skills wouldn't have to sell out to special interest bankrolls.

This is not a new idea, just a good one. I have several other suggestions that would improve Greensboro. I'll get to them another time.


Anonymous said...

I thought Matt Brown was the Mayor. He's the highest paid employee in the entire county with probably the exception of Terry "Get Him Out Of Here" Grier. The City Council already follows his commands as if it weren't for the coliseum this town would dry up and waste away.

The question really is, who's crazy enough to be in charge.

Brenda Bowers said...

Yes, pay the mayor because it is a full time job, or should be. I would also like to see an elected police chief. The police Department should be an autonimopus departm,ent anserable to only the people who could throw a bad chief out of office every four years. The unelected City Manager should not have the power that we in Greensboro have allowed this position to garner.
Like much your idea ab out paying Brown in accordance to the amnount of money the coliseum DOSEN'T lose! BB

Anonymous said...

I personally am looking to run for Mayor in the very near future. I am a young professional, not foreign to the city woes and goings on. I intend to run on the basis of truly being there not for the power, the pay or the status, but for the better good of the City of Greensboro. I will prove that by declining any personal compensation. Please understand that at this time, my identity must remain anonymous, but will be revealed soon. Are you with me, Greensboro?