Practice What You Preach

A letter from Greensboro citizen Ed Keohohou in July 12, 2007 Greensboro N&R states:

Candidate for city office should purchase locally

"How can anyone run for City Council at large and make claims that he will support the city of Greensboro, but take his graphic business out of state? Not only out of Greensboro and Guilford County, but out of state. That's an insult to the business community. Go figure, people."

My comment on the N&R website:

Thank you Ed for your comment. Much lip service is paid to supporting local businesses by candidates for city council and also by sitting members of the council.

All of my promotional materials were purchased locally when I ran for Greensboro City Council. Having been a small business owner for over 25 years, I understand the importance of buying locally. I practice what I preach.

Thank you again for your support of local businesses.


Anonymous said...

I found it peculiar, Diane, that the business they were dealing with was in Pottsville, PA. I have some in-laws that live in that vicinity, and it a long way from Greensboro (to put it mildly.

Joe Guarino

Brenda Bowers said...

This whole Matt Brown thing is so disgusting. I hope voters are reminded of the ironic coincidence that Green used the same company for his posters as Brown does for the Coliseum. Of course you know I don't believe Green ordered the posters at all, but we disagree on that one. Tell me though how is it that local businesses are permitted by the city council to be over-looked? Can the local business men not protest?

diane said...


We certainly don't want government to dictate where private citizens make purchases. Political candidates are private citizens making purchases for their own use.

But, the Coliseum is a city-owned facility. I'm not sure why the Coliseum chooses not to purchase from local venders when they are available.

Greensboro City Government does make an effort to buy locally.

One of the exceptions is hiring out-of-area consultants for studies that could be done either in-house or by local comittees and professionals.

This is just one of the wasteful practices in our bloated city budget.

I think that the reason for this is that if the study or recommendation does not suit those in power, it is easier to discount it and/or ignore it after the consultants return to their own home.