Can this be Possible? ?

Has a standing committee of the North Carolina Senate (Ways and Means) had no meetings since 2001?

From an e-mail I received from The NC Property Rights Coalition:

"On May 24, the eminent domain amendment (HB 878) passed the NC House by a vote of 104-15. On May 29, the bill was referred to the N.C. Senate's Ways & Means Committee. It has not been acted on since.

On Monday, a representative of the N.C. Property Rights Coalition called the office of Sen. Charlie Dannelly, Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, and asked when the Ways & Means Committee last met.

Sen. Dannelly's assistant's answer:

More details on the coalition blog, as well as details about a news conference July 19, 2007.

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Anonymous said...

This really needs to be highlighted, Diane. Thanks for pointing it out.

Joe Guarino