What Should City Council Do ???

I have been reading everything I can about City Council Candidates and talking to them whenever I get a chance. I talked with Donna Riechmann (sounds like REEKman) Wednesday (9/12) on 1070am Radio. I will talk with Janet Wallace on the air next Wednesday (9/12) and Tonya Clinkscale on Wednesday (9/26). I like to hear from challengers in local elections. We already know what the incumbents are doing. I like to talk face to face. I think that it is harder to dodge a question in person. Most of us had rather write a short report than give an oral presentation and answer direct questions. The candidates, especially new ones, probably feel the same way.

I will attend a mayoral forum Tuesday. I hope it will be more interesting and informative than the one I saw at the Demo Headquarters last week.

There is a discussion going on over at Joe Guarino's blog about the most important job of City Council. My comments about that follow.

About your question and a little bit more:

1. What do you regard as the single most important function or purpose of local government?

I think that Government should provide essential services and amenities that are not easily done individually. It is the job of City Council to decide what level of local services will be provided with taxpayer's money.

It is the job of citizens to decide who makes these decisions. So, be careful how you cast your vote. These people will be making decisions for you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Diane, I am listening. I only pray for a decent turn out for these elections. People tend to bitch and then are too lazy to got out and vote! Brenda Bowers