Thanks News and Record

The N&R finally gets it ! ! !

The new 2007 Election Blog is publishing questions and answers from local candidates.

I Hope this information will be published in the print editions, also.

I was not thrilled with some of the questions (and some of the answers), but I appreciate the fact that the candidates' answers, in their own words, are finally being published. This is a much better way to inform voters than the old way of publishing filtered information.

Editorial Opinions are fine, but should not be included in news articles about candidates, either intentionally or unintentionally.

See posts from October, 2005 and here


John Robinson said...

Thanks, Diane. Actually, we've always gotten it. We said we'd start revving the election engine after Labor Day, when we believe people start paying more attention to municipal elections...and frankly, that may be optimistic. (We actually had the site and blog up at the end of last month.)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Too bad they didn't do this when you ran!!!!!