Grey's Tavern Opens

South Elm and McGee streets, at the corner known as Hamburger Square, has a new bar and grille. Grey and Charlie Davis welcomed a nice crowd Friday night at Grey's Tavern, 343 South Elm St.

A combination of Old Greensborough charm and reasonable prices provides a friendly atmosphere for young and old. Several large TV screens are attached to walls of brick, plaster, paint and old wallpaper from years past. The beautiful old tin ceiling painted an almost copper-colored chocolate brown and the ceiling fans that spin over the bar help give the place a welcoming, comfortable feeling.

Grey's people-friendly personality gave the place extra charm as he and his wife Stephanie mingled with customers, friends and staff to bring excellent service and atmosphere to opening night.

The beautiful mahogany bar and back wall were custom-built by Charlie. A stained-glass arch built from an original frame found in the old building with glass replaced by South Elm Street's Ellenburg and Shaffer Glass Art Studio accents the area behind the horseshoe-shaped bar.

Good service, good food, friendly staff and Old Greensborough charm make Grey's Tavern the new place-to-be in Downtown Greensboro, NC.


Anonymous said...

Yes! This sounds like a must visit for us. Although I often have to wring Lew's neck to get him to drive more than 3 miles to eat out (this would be 7 for us). He will drive "forever" for one of his volunteer projects, but to eat out it means almost staying home! BB

Sidney C. Gray said...

Congratulations Diane. I hope you are getting TOP RENT. I know this will be great for Old Greensborough. I love the "name". Sidney

Sidney C. Gray said...

Congratulations Diane: I hope you are getting TOP RENT !!! I am sure this will be a welcome addition to Old Greensborough. I love the "name". Sidney

Anonymous said...

We stopped in at Grey's last Sunday afternoon for lunch and it was great!! It's a great pub-great food great service and fantastic prices. i can't wait to go back. Grey's is definetly destined to become one of our regular haunts!!!!