It's Not Just Parking

More thoughts on downtown incentives and parking in Downtowners Park (sometimes called panhandlers park)

Cara Michelle wrote:
I’m not a fan of incentives,. . . . . And I don’t think anyone offered incentives to Simmone (owner of M’Coul’s and Green Burro) or the other business owners in that area. If they add parking, Simmone better get some of it,

It’s not just a few parking spaces. It is the idea that now that downtown is a good place to do business, why should an investor even have to ask for incentives. There were no incentives when most of us invested in property downtown or opened businesses there.

Why should the new guy get special parking privileges that no other business gets. Why should he be allowed to buy city property for a fraction of it's worth? What kind of scam is this? The whole thing stinks.

Why destroy one small park when the city spent so much to help build another park downtown that is privately owned by a non-taxpaying, so-called non-profit group.

I can’t understand how citizens can believe the web of lies that Robbie Perkins spews about no investment in downtown in years. Why is a new building a better investment for downtown than a rehab of an historic building in an historic district?

Simon Richy has improved the corner of Elm and McGee streets much more than this johnny-come-lately can ever do. And he hardly gets a thank you. Many others have invested in the area, also.