It's a Start

I was thrilled that the City of Greensboro has finally decided to make a real effort to reduce the power consumption of our facilities. I know that a little progress was made with updates to the Coliseum a few years ago and other minor adjustments to other buildings. The Mayor's Climate Control Agreement was accepted, with reservations, by Greensboro City Council after extensive lobbying by environment-friendly groups several years ago.

If this new contract to retrofit the City Municipal Building and other facilities works as advertised, it will be well worth the investment, even if it takes 13 years to pay for itself. As an added bonus, Pepco Energy Services, the company hired to do the job promises to use lots of local labor.

More information is available in a News Release posted on the city web site. Maybe Greensboro is really trying to be GREEN in some ways.

I only wish that we could keep more of our tree canopy in Greensboro and all over Guilford County by passing and enforcing laws against most clear-cutting of old, beautiful trees for new construction.

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