Green Money Pit

A green trail around Greensboro is a beautiful idea. We should secure the land needed but wait to build on it -- when we can afford it. Greensboro has real problems that should be addressed, first.

I looked at pictures taken at the "big celebration" of the start of the cement "greenway" around Greensboro.
I have some questions:
Who is so excited about this project?
Were there any folks there from the Warnersville community?
How safe will a trail be that runs behind industrial areas, and backyards and along deserted rail road tracks?
Will people on the trail be visible or behind high fences and dumpsters?
Will it be lighted?
Who will patrol the greenway?
Will there be benches for resting?
Will there be areas where the homeless will live? What about panhandlers?
Who will clean it and do general maintenance?
What is the "real cost" of building and maintaining it? Who will pay?
Where does it go?
Is it for recreation or for access to shopping, parks, restaurants, schools and other places where people want to go?
Will constructing this path use money that should be used for sidewalks?
Should Greensboro City Council continue to approve the use of so-called stimulus money for such a frivolous project?
How many long-term local jobs will it provide?
How many trees will be cut down to make room for this paved greenway?
Should Greensboro focus on solving real problems such as transportation and housing and green space and tree cover and water quality and clean air OR on feel good projects?
Can we afford it, now?
Should government money (our tax money) be used for this project?
Should it be totally financed with private money contributed by private citizens and groups that can afford to donate?

And my last question: Where can I find real answers to the questions above? Please don't suggest Action Greensboro.

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