Another fait accompli ? ? ?

...Nobody, except the people who have already made the decision, know the fate of the Elm Street property south of Lee Street.
...Several out-of-area consultants have been brought in to help improve the area. Apparently none of their cookie-cutter plans suited the decision makers. The meetings that I have attended about the area have been unproductive and the plans presented by consultants haven't even been adapted to the needs of Greensboro. It must be easy to dismiss plans if they don't suit the decision makers agenda.
...Greensboro government and the so-called leaders here have been dismissing plans from local and out-of-town consultants and from citizen groups for as long as I have lived in Greensboro (about 40 years).

...Another hotel is needed in Downtown Greensboro. The pickin's are poor for tourists and convention accommodations in the Central Business District. A hotel at each end of Elm Street is a good idea.
...The right kind of hotel could enhance Downtown Greensboro. It could bring more conventions and tourists into the whole Greensboro area.
...I think that the reason there is resistance is because it could possibly take business away from "hotel row" near the Coliseum and from the Grandover complex out by I-85.

Some questions are • Will the people who run Greensboro let this happen?
• Who will pay for it? • Will the entire area be developed by one hand-picked "in current favor" developer? • Who will build and manage it? • Do the people who run Greensboro want to make Elm Street a nice gateway into Greensboro? •

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