City Council - I can do it

After digesting the strange happenings in the upcoming city council race I have decided to keep my options open.

Maybe the best place for me is as an at-large council member. I'm mulling this over.

Talk to me. What do you think?

Greensboro needs an INDEPENDENT THINKER on the council.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to vote for you in the last city election. I live in District 4. If you run at large I can. You go Girl.

SeymourHardy said...


I like what you've added to your blog.

Conratulations on your retirement! My mother retired about a year-and-a-half ago also.

I did discover the confirmation that your last name is "Davis," but it still seemed slightly hidden--I would add it at the very top of your blog's "About Me" section, where it now reads "Name: Diane." That way visitors to your blog will not be able to miss it.

In this post, you expressed, "Greensboro needs an INDEPENDENT THINKER on the council."

Unfortunately for your city council hopes, it looks like District 3 is going to have an incumbent candidate who is well-established in our community as an "independent thinker."

People's personal politics may determine whether they appreciate Tom Phillips as an independent thinker, but because Tom behaves like a decent human being (as opposed to behaving like a Guiford County Commissioner), I would guess that most voters in your district would not be inclined to replace him.

That leaves you two options: running for mayor or running for an at-large position.

Even if s/he was a superior candidate to Keith Holliday, a person would have an almost impossible task ahead in trying to replace him as mayor.

That leaves you with your best option: running for an at-large position.

I don't think you will be able to gain more votes than Yvonne Johnson or Don Vaughan, assuming they both run for re-election.

That leaves you with the challenge of trying to defeat a potentially vulnerable at-large candidate, Florence Gatten.

Gatten has offended some people in our community by the way she has addressed citizens, using an arguably superior, condescending tone.

Since she does not have a blog, Gatten lacks an effective tool for correcting such a perception (if the perception is inaccurate).

If the perception is accurate, it might be a good thing for Gatten that she does not have a blog; a blog has the potential to be transparent enough that it might not hide one's negative qualities.

The advantage you have over Johnson and Gatten is that you are a blogger. (Johnson has a blog, but it has not been updated since January 2005, making it all but obselete unless she decides to use it again.)

Vaughan has a blog, but so far, his posts have been irregular; you may have an advantage if you post regularly.

I would find out how to use links, and I would also consider posting a picture of yourself on your blog's homepage.

One unknown variable is David Hoggard.

If Hoggard runs, he will be in my estimation a formidable candidate, AND he would have at least an equal opportunity to stake claim to the "independent thinker" label.

I have made a suggestion (2nd comment) on the News & Record's "Inside Scoop" blog that the News & Record should add a link to your blog since you plan to run for city council.

Also, in addition to keeping up with the blogs maintained by Phillips and Vaughan, you might consider taking note of Sandy Carmany's blog. Through her blog, Carmany has become my favorite Greensboro City Council member.

Again, I look forward to discovering more about who you are and how you plan to represent our city.



SeymourHardy said...


Discovered I provided a bad link to David Hoggard's blog in my comment above.

This is the correct link to Hogg's blog.



diane said...

Hey Hardy,

Thanks for your comments.

Inside Scoop and the editorial staff at the N&R know that I am very interested in serving on the Greensboro City Council.

One of the things that a blog does is give a candidate the ability to add to the brief coverage that challengers get in local media.

I want people to know how I feel about local issues. I have studied how Greensboro City Government works for some time.

I attend city council meetings and city council briefings amd meetings of many city boards and commissions. I talk to council members and city staff members on a regular basis.

Greensboro is my chosen hometown and I want to help make it the best place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire.

Serving as a City Council member takes lots of time and energy. That is the reason that I waited until my children were grown before I tried for elected office. I operated a small business for over twenty years. Since I retired I have time, energy and fresh ideas to make my town the best it can be.

Local government is serious business. I can do it.