reasons to blog

Just read an interesting article in the Sunday Living section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about personal blogs - "Ranting for posterity" asks why people blog, what's ok to put on a blog and gives some statistics about blogging.
Did you know that over 8 million Americans have created a blog and about 32 million people read blogs.
My blogging ability is very limited or I would include a link to the article.


ed cone said...

links are easy.

write the word or words you want to use as the link.

click and hold your mouse and drag the cursor across the word(s).

with the word(s)thus highlighted, click on the icon in the center of the control bar at the top of the box you are working in.

the icon looks like a little globe with something stuck on top. put your cursor on it and it will say "link". click on it, enter the address of the link you want to use, and click "OK".


diane said...

Thanks Ed. i know that you showed me how at one of the blog teaching sessions, but I couldn't find the notes I made about it.

Joel said...


Thanks for your edifying reply to my question about who reads blogs. Enjoyed your piece on gardening. I spent the mornign helping soemone move. They have lots of cool stuff at the Price library.


Meg said...

Here's the link, just copy and paste it into your blog. When their this long, they don't fit until the top post moves down. You may have to put it in two or three lines, but you can do it. If I can figure it out, so can you.