Of Course We Need Green Space

But at What Price? And, how green? Do we really need a trail that goes under railroad tracks? Do we need to cut down naturally growing trees and pave a trail through backyards and behind commercial development and along rail road tracks?

We need sidewalks and bike lanes that are safe and pretty and usable and affordable. But most of all, practical.

Talk to me. Tell me what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Cycling trails, walking trails, jogging trails, large ample tracts of open greenway space and hydrogen cell-powered mass transit systems such as bus and trolleys would behoove the interests of Greensboro denizens immensely.

Dr. Carmine P.F. Scavo of East Carolina University is an excellent resource to consult regarding greenway space initiatives as he had worked with Pitt County projects, Greenville projects, Cincinnati, Charlottesville, Ann Arbor and San Diego initiatives.