Crooked Judges

I was a minor witness in a jury trial. I spent all day yesterday and half the day today at the Guilford County Court House.

While I was sitting in the court room waiting for my turn to be questioned, I noticed that there were 31 portraits of past judges hanging on the walls of the room. One of the pictures behind the judge's bench was a bit askew.

I felt a little bit like Monk. I wanted to find something to stand on and straighten the picture. Then I noticed that more than one of the judges was not quite straight.

We just can't have crooked judges hanging around in the courthouse. What shall we do?


Suzette said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Diane, I think someone should go down and jiggle every picture in the city and county offices of any and all city and county officials so that the pictures are crooked; that way their true characters will be right out there for all to see. I think this is even more evident after the Project Homestead investigation outcome. Brenda
PS: I enjoyed your levity too!