Talking Trash

Orange County's landfill will be full in about 4 years

Where will the trash go then?

Orange County made a decision some time ago not to build another landfill in the county. Alamance County officials said they won't take it. Wake County has trash disposal problems of its own.

The Raleigh N&O reports that Orange County Commissioners are considering a waste transfer station where the garbage will be loaded onto trailers for long-distance hauling. They will ask solid waste management in Durham about the possibility of locating a shared transfer station.

In 2003, nearly 25 percent of all municipal trash in the United States crossed state lines for disposal, according to the Congressional Research Service. Ten states imported at least 1 million tons of trash that year, up from only two states in 2001.

Some thoughts on Waste to Energy

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Anonymous said...

Diane, It seems like you are a cry in the wilderness doesn't it? Lew and I have seen this same problem in a couple places we have lived, and always with the same solution: just ship it out to be someone else's problem. Only they don't seem to realize that someone else'problem os their too since it is the same Earth. Brenda