Wednesday Accident

Wednesday morning just after 10:30, I was involved in a minor traffic accident in front of the Central Library on Church Street. The accident took just a second or two. The next several hours were spent hanging around waiting for the police to finish the investigation and file their report.

Just before I arrived on the scene another accident had happened. A driver in the left lane changed lanes and ran into a car traveling in the right lane. There was minor damage to both cars. Police were called. One of the drivers pulled onto a side street and the other pulled over in front of the library. Both were looking for auto registration info when I drive by. The woman in the car parked on the street opened her car door just as I was passing. My van ran into the door and made a real mess of it. The front bumper on the van was dented, headlight broken, and there was damage all the way down the passenger side of the van. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

It turns out that the driver of the vehicle I hit was from out of state and did not have any identification with her. The car was not registered in her name and there was no insurance verification in the car. She gave the police her name, address in Virginia and her SS number. The police had to send a message to Va. where they found a record of the woman. Then the Va authorities faxed a photo of her to the Greensboro Police Station on Washington St. One police car stayed on the scene all this time.

Another police car arrived and was sent to the station to pick up the fax. He returned and the woman's identity was confirmed. She was driving without a valid license. I think that her license had been suspended. Anyway, even though the car could be moved, she couldn't drive it. The officer finished filling out his report and I was able to leave the scene of the accident.
Yesterday was a pretty day and there were benches beside the library and pretty pansies blooming. I'm glad that nobody was hurt and that there was no mechanical damage to any of the three vehicles involved,

I called my insurance company Wednesday afternoon and my agent told me to call her insurance company. I did, and they were very nice. A man in Tampa, Fl, took my information. An adjustor called me and came to look at my van yesterday morning. She took pictures of the damage. I had already made picture of all three cars. I would post them on this site, but I haven't figured out how to do it.

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