Supreme Court Ruled 9 to 0 Against Duke Energy Pollution

A victory for the environment! ! !

The United States and Environmental Defense filed suit against Duke Energy for violating Clear Air Act rules when it renovated its plants in North Carolina and South Carolina. The US Supreme Court agreed.

From The New York Times reort today:
The Supreme Court gave a boost Monday to a federal clean air initiative aimed at forcing utilities to install pollution control equipment on aging coal-fired power plants.

From the Environment Defense web site.
The suit against Duke Energy, the country's third-largest power company, centered on its costly renovations to 30 coal-fired electric generating units at eight power plants in North Carolina and South Carolina. Many of these facilities had been operated sporadically or not at all and were due to be retired and replaced. Instead, Duke Energy extensively rebuilt them resulting in significant increases in particulate- and smog-forming pollution, but did not obtain permits nor install pollution control equipment as required by law.

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