More Dump Woes

Most people stop thinking about garbage when it leaves their trashcan. Where it goes is of no concern to them.
Trash should be a concern for everyone. The pollution of land, air and water has been proven many times over.
The cost of undoing the damage is much more than the cost of disposing of our garbage in a responsible way.
Trash-to-Energy is a better solution than landfills.

A recent comment on my post a year ago about a dump in High Point, NC led me to an interesting web site called theDumpSite. It is the place to learn the truth about living near the Land Fill in High Point, NC.

The comment said in part: "We've been on Kersey Valley's case since it opened 14 years ago.
Our objections were not so much the landfill per se but the deceit we found.
Like High Point using an extraterritorial jurisdiction iron fist against disenfranchised non-city dwellers to put a heavy industrial land use in the midst of their residential area.
Like making false promises about its excellence and ignoring us or denying it when we showed they were false."

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