To the Dump, To the Dump, To the Dump !!

The Greensboro News-Record reports today on a proposed dump expansion

High Point residents are worried about expansion of a landfill off Kivett Drive.

The City of High Point held a forum Tuesday night to explain the expansion plans and listen to neighbors’ concerns. City officials told citizens that the current landfill is expected to reach capacity by 2008 and more space is needed to keep it operating. They say that 22 acres need to be annexed and the landfill’s permit updated.

The High Point City Council and the N.C. Division of Waste Management have to approve the plans before the site can be expanded. The proposed expansion of the dump is expected to take about a year to complete.

same song, 2006 verse

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Diane, I was one of just 37 reported by The Rhino people in all of Greensboro who answered the council's survey for residents imput. So sad! In it I decried the transfer station and referred to your blog sites as making sense to me. But you know, it isn't going to happen because it would 1.) cost less money and @.0 actually work. Brenda

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We've been on Kersey Valley's case since it opened 14 years ago.
Our objections were not so much the landfill per se but the deceit we found.
Like High Point using an extraterritorial jurisdiction iron fist against disenfranchised non-city dwellers to put a heavy industrial land use in the midst of their residential area.
Like making false promises about its excellence and ignoring us or denying it when we showed they were false.
And it wasn't just High Point. The NC Solid Waste watchdog agency was just as bad, if not worse. They should be protecting people. Instead they were into denial and CYA.
It was hard keeping folks going to those meetings. Officials know how to wear them out with shenanigans and they did.
A Judge advised us to make a public offensive to embarrass and turn the tables on them so we had the power and they couldn't weasel out. We did it on an internet site.
What's happening now is just the tip of the viper's tail. State and City officials are being angels now compared to the 14 years of Kersey Valley history documented on thedumpsite. Good luck with your blog and thanks for the chance to comment.

diane said...

Thank you for the information on dumpwatch web page.
I think that most people stop thinking about garbage when it leaves their trash can. Where it goes is of no concern to them.
Trash should be a concern for everyone. The pollution of land, air and water has been proven many times over.
The cost of undoing the damage is much more than the cost of disposing of our garbage in a responsible way.
Keep up the good work.
I hope you have read my posts about trash-to-energy.