Gboro business license fees won't be raised, TODAY.

At the Budget Session this morning the Greensboro City Council discussed the proposal to raise business license fees. They decided that it would not be a good idea at the present time. They will take the suggested increase off the table for the time being.

One commet made was that by putting this item first on the agenda and telling the audience that it will not increase business license fees, some of the many expected speakers will leave.

Apparently, business owners do not want their business license fees to increase and the City Council has heard them loud and clear.

As the old saying goes "The squeeky wheel gets the grease."

Of course, this doesn't mean that businesses will not pay more. Fees for business recycling services will be charged around $15 a month and repeated fire inspections to check on previous violations will increase.

After two inspections and warmings about fire hazard violations, and reasonable time alloted to bring the business up to code, there should be a fee for repeated inspections. Or maybe, just shut down the business. This could be a problem if the landlord is responsible for the infractions. Details, details, details.

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Anonymous said...

This was simply a way to get much needed money without raising the property taxes too much. Of course it would never occur to any of the people involved that they just maybe should look closer at outgoing funds (Willow Oaks and Bryant Electric and Lord knows who else!) and cut the nonsense spending like corporate welfare that the city has no business in anyhow. Brenda Bowers