N&R denies citizen comment space

Update to last nights's post below:
OOPS! MY BAD! Apparently I double clicked to post my comment at The Inside Scoop and was only allowed to post it one time. Thank you N&R for allowing my comment to post. I was too quick to complain. I'll try to click on the submit button once lightly if I comment again. Sorry!

I tried to comment on the Inside Scoop post about the Canada Dry Property. I was denied the right to post a comment because I have posted too many comments in too short a time. What a way to engage the public in conversation.

My comment was about why the appraiser suggested that the best use of the property would be an addition to the Coliseum and that a hotel wouldn't work on the site.

"But the appraiser doesn't think a hotel would work there. He says the best use of the property is for it to become part of the Greensboro Coliseum or some sort of business - maybe a restaurant or a auto dealership."

Sounds like an old developer's threat that if you don't let me put what I want on the property something really bad could be built here, maybe a used car lot or a recycling center (junk yard) or even a drive-thru fast food place or adult video store. I wonder why this comment was made by an appraiser. Does the appraiser have any connection to the Koury Corp.? Would a new hotel be too close to the Koury Center?

Questions, questions.


Don said...

It's not just the News & Record not wanting to hear contrary positions on the property. This is an issue that we can no longer contest, it has been decided and all we can do is make sure to no re-elect the guilty parties.

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