Too Rude for a nice Southern Town Like Greensboro


A letter to the Editor on June 25,2007, in the News and Record seemed a bit extreme about the July 4th celebration in downtown Greensboro. I agree that a good time can be had without beer, but I'm not offended by those who choose to consume it in moderation. Many family places, such as our own city parks, don't allow alcoholic beverages. Yea, I know, that ban is not enforced very well.

I am ashamed at the rude comments about the writer and about her letter. Is this the way we discuss public drinking in Greensboro? Were the responders drunk and obnoxious as some drinkers are? What are we thinking? Did the responders have a drink to give them courage before berating this woman?

I am more concerned with the city-promoted Get Downtown Event for area college students shortly after the beginning of the fall semester each year. The event invites students downtown for alcoholic drinks and entertainment and even offers them free rides home. It is a real money-maker for area bars. Extra police are required and extra clean-up is necessary after the event.

With so much concern about college students abusing alcohol and some of the stupid stunts they pull while intoxicated, having an event like this seems irresponsible. The whole rite of passage thing associated with alcohol is partially caused by the restriction of sales of alcohol to minors.

How do the statistics look? Is there more or less alcohol abuse in countries where wine and beer are consumed from an early age? I really don't know the facts. But I do know that depending on how one feels about drinking will determine how one interprets the numbers.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the rude and actually cruel comments but this is standard from the same group of people who comment on Letters To The Editor each and every day. In the past I have written letters but I would never write one now because these same people have such hateful and mean things to say and they seem to get such pleasure from it, because it is a daily occurance.