Beer Truck Blues

Parking in Downtown Greensboro isn't bad enough. The city is doing some strange stuff. I have heard from reliable sources that parking patrol officers are giving out tickets to delivery trucks that park in the street to unload. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?

Many of the people who have rented apartments and/or purchased condos in the Central Business District have been duped. They were sold a misleading bill of goods. Of course there are many places to eat and drink in the CB; but there are very few good jobs and very little reasonably priced places to shop for everyday goods. So, if you live downtown you can eat, drink and walk home. But you probably have to drive to work, to shop for clothing, groceries, toys, school supplies, hardware and appliances, medical and dental care, etc. And they need available, reasonably priced, places to park.

We want empty nesters and retirees in Downtown Greensboro. Most of the living space requires walking up stairs, which is not suitable for many older people. We want young people to live in Greensboro. What happens when they want to settle down and have children? How far can a mother walk with her small children and several bags of groceries? Parking is a problem. Children need grass and trees and back yards. There seem to be very few amenities for families with children downtown; but, there are still some family-friendly neighborhoods surrounding it. We should protect the neighorhoods around the CB and not let CB zoning creep into family-living areas. Let's try to keep Greensboro family friendly and keep the downtown auto and pedestrial friendly. And try to be a little more helpful to daytime businesses that support and are supported by downtown residents.

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