Thank You Greensboro 101

(First Published Oct. 2005)
I have been disappointed (as usual) in local media coverage of local candidates for Greensboro City Council and other towns in our area.

Fortunately we have coverage by Greensboro and a few others who have asked some questions to local candidates and actually published the questions and answers in print.

How wonderful of the publisher and editor of YES Weeklyto send questions to candidates and actually print the answers in the candidates' own words.

Some answers have been printed on blog pages. All answers should be published in the print editions. Comments can follow, but should not be the only coverage.

Several candidates have been almost completely ignored by local television stations and our daily newspaper. Many local issues that I feel are important have also been ignored.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about news coverage of local elections?

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Roch101 said...

Thanks Diane. I think it's important that we hear from the candidates on the issues in their own words.