Look Forward, but Remember the Past

Unfortunately, I am not registered to read the archives of the local newspaper. If you are, I encourage you to read an article that appeared in the Greensboro News & Record several years ago. The article was about Action Greensboro. I have also included the beginning of a letter to the editor that was published several days later. I believe that these articles are as timely today as when published in 2001. Action Greensboro intended to take over the administration of Greensboro.

We, the people, should not have to use an unelected go-between agency that filters out ideas that don't conform to their preconceived ideas about what is good for Greensboro.


October 28, 2001: Page A1 News & Record


Byline: PARKER LEE NASH Staff Writer

Greensboro is being run by incompetent people who are failing miserably to lead the city forward. The city is dying. You can save it.

This was the candid charge that Bill Hemphill, the retired head of the insurance company United Guaranty Corp., delivered to board members of the Cone family's Cemala Foundation two years ago.

That's how the directors of Greensboro's top charitable foundations became the city's most touted new economic development leaders. And according...

November 1, 2001   Page A14


Regarding the front-page headline in the Oct. 28 paper, ``Group shapes city's future'':

The first sentence of this article is ``Greensboro is being run by incompetent people who are failing miserably to lead the city forward.''

The News & Record endorsed these same incompetent people in the city primaries and will endorse them again in the upcoming city election.

Your lack of adequate coverage of the primary candidates for City Council failed to give the...

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