ugly, illegal signs

I was pleasantly surprised tonight at the Greensboro City Council meeting. Several members of the council brought up one of my pet peeves. The ugly commercial signs that adorn utility poles and invade right of way spaces all around the city. I have complained about these for several years.

After some discussion about who is responsible for removing the signs and citing the offenders, the Council asked City Attorney Linda Miles to look into the possibility of doing more than just having the illegally posted signs removed by city workers.

I hope the city staff follows up on this and does more to stop the practice. Every one of the signs has contact information on it, but apparently when city staff called the numbers listed, the folks who answered the phone would not identify themselves. I would think that it would not be hard to find out who pays the bill for a listed number. Who would put contact information on a sign and then not identify themselves when called? Sounds like a shady deal to me.

The other thing that made me happy was that a paper towel dispenser has been installed in the ladies room on the second floor (city council chamber floor). Now I have a choice of using the hot air drying machine or drying my hands with a real towel. Up until this time, I have carried a hanky or paper towel with me to City Council meetings.


Roch101 said...

Hey, Diane:

I was told by a city employee that it's perfectly okay for citizens to remove illegally placed signs.

diane said...

I have often wondered when and how these signs are posted. Many are too high to be reached without a ladder, and most are on well-traveled streets.

They should be removed.

Maybe I'll start carrying a ladder in my van. If you see a short, fat woman on a ladder near your favorite telephone pole, don't blow the horn.

See ya on the radio.


Anonymous said...


I saw your previous post about the signs. Maybe someone at city hall is reading your blog.
Keep up the good work.

diane said...

Maybe a few people read my blog, but I suspect that D M Mitchell's letter to the editor published in the N&R is what caught the eye of some City Council members.

Sandy Carmany said...


I've been working with Linda Miles on this issue since July 8 because of an email I received from a constituent. I'm hopeful that we will indeed step up enforcement. You are correct that anyone can legally remove those signs and I encourage folks to do so SAFELY.

Anglico said...

I found your blog doing research for a post over at BlueNC. Good stuff.

Hope you'll come by and join our party!